Peter Pomerantz

This is where I dust off my work apron to share insights, trends, techniques, and relevant news from my world of fine woodworking. Handcrafting fine crafted furniture and built-in kitchen cabinetry is only half the fun of my job. The other half includes offering design ideas and educating and guiding my friends and clients.

Kitchen Re-do…How to Get Started

June 27, 2012

The most often asked question in any remodeling project is: “in thinking about the many many decisions that all need to be tied together; where do I start?” Here’s my approach. I look at, or think about, the floor first. Is it wood? And if so, is it red/orange like cherry, pale yellow like maple, […]


Welcome to Our New Blog!

June 3, 2012

Hi, this is Peter. Welcome to our new blog! Stay tuned over the next few months as I explore the world of kitchen design, home renovation, green building, furniture joinery, and much more. Who knows, I might even surprise you with a recipe from my own custom-designed kitchen. From fireclay farmhouse sinks to the strengths […]