Peter Pomerantz


In 1999, Peter’s career switched paths from wilderness educator to master craftsman after he built a mahogany canoe and discovered his passion for the fine art of woodworking. Instead of guiding his clients into nature, he began to introduce the complex beauty of nature into his new clients' homes. With a special interest in figured, native woods, Peter has spent the last decade exclusively crafting fine one-of-kind furniture and custom kitchen cabinetry. Amid a trend toward cheap cabinetry with a limited life span, Peter has pioneered methods of craftsmanship and intelligent design for kitchen cabinets and installations that will endure a lifetime of admiration and utility.

The Team

At Pomerantz Woodworking, we employ local craftsmen who are dedicated to the fine art of woodworking. Each team member is exceptionally skilled in all facets of the craft, from raw lumber selection to joinery, finishing, and installation. This holistic approach allows each member to focus on a continuum from conception to completion, from a small end table to entire home worth of cabinetry. When not honing our woodworking skills, our team can be found skiing the Vermont back-country, competing in local races, or paddling one of our pristine rivers or lakes.

Pomerantz Woodworking Environmental Stewardship Environmental Stewardship

In his early career as a wilderness educator, Peter Pomerantz traveled throughout remote natural areas and communities in New England, the Southwest, and parts of Central America and East Africa. Along with his rural upbringing in Vermont, these experiences formed his respect for and stewardship of the environment.

At Pomerantz Woodworking, raw lumber is hand selected from local saw mills that practice sustainable forestry. Shop methods reduce waste and rely on energy efficient lighting and heating. We also offer clients a variety of green finishes and natural oils, which are of exceptional quality and non-toxic.