Kitchen Re-do…How to Get Started

by admin on June 27, 2012

The most often asked question in any remodeling project is: “in thinking about the many many decisions that all need to be tied together; where do I start?” Here’s my approach.

I look at, or think about, the floor first. Is it wood? And if so, is it red/orange like cherry, pale yellow like maple, or golden like oak? Is it ceramic tile or natural stone? Or is it a solid surface like linoleum? Whatever the existing flooring is, or the new floor choice, will drive the counter decision. The two horizontal surfaces link visually. It’s important to choose materials that do not compete. If one is busy. Let the other be simple. Ideally I would pull a color from one surface and use it in the other.

Next, I think about the cabinetry. Again, the wood color question arises. Again, my eye searches for color to pull from the counter and floor. Cherry and fir look great together. Maple and a yellow tone in the counter link, or add drama with light cabinets and a dark counter. Or will the cabinets be painted? White is the color often chosen, but there are so many possibilities — opportunities to really pull together a color plan.

And here’s what I’ve learned about paint color: the cabinets will be about 20% lighter than the color appears in the paint chip. Select a color that looks a little darker than you would like and a little more dull or toned down than you think it should be.

More about this in my next installment!

Mary Jane Rehm,
Color Consultant

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